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Cold Chain Packaging – Current Scenario and Future Potential

Cold chain is a three-fold concept, involving certain aspects that can be co-related to science, technology, and process development. In terms of science, cold chain industry requires the understanding of chemical and biological processes associated with the product. This technology usually relies on physical methods to ensure desirable temperature conditions for perishable products throughout the

Pharmaceutical Vials Witnessing High Demand in Pandemic

Over the years, advances in drug / therapy development processes have led the pharmaceutical industry to gradually shift from a one-drug treats all model to a more personalized approach of treatment. The growing complexity of modern pharmacological interventions, such as monoclonal antibodies, and cell and gene therapies, has further prompted the drug developers to develop

Pharmaceutical Glass Vials: Current Scenario and Future Trends

Primary packaging material (e.g. Pharmaceutical Glass Vials) plays a crucial role in preserving the stability, efficacy and safety of the drug as it is in direct contact with the packaged therapeutic. Additionally, pharmaceutical primary packaging material assists in maintaining the sterility and quality of a drug product, while also providing information related to its identity

Green Packaging: Paramount for Pharmaceutical Sector

Green Packaging in pharmaceutical secondary packaging industry plays a crucial role in ensuring the sterility and quality of a drug product, while it also provides information related to its identity and, in certain cases, dosing instructions. Pharmaceutical packaging is typically carried out under Packagingcontrolled conditions; specifically, for therapeutics that are designed for parenteral administration, fill

Cell Therapy Packaging Market – Importance and Future Potential

Over the years, the pharmaceutical industry has witnessed several advancements in drug development. It has gradually shifted from a one-drug treats all model to a more personalized approach of treatment, which involves the use of personalized cell and gene therapies for various disease indications. This shift has led to an evident change in the pharmaceutical

Caps and Closures for Parenteral Containers Market

The use of elastomeric materials, along with various types of coatings (such as FluoroTec® and Teflon®) have emerged as a promising alternative to conventional, non-coated caps and closures used for primary packaging containers, which were prone to leaching and shedding of particulate contaminants. The advantages of using Medical polymers in manufacturing container caps and closures

Ready to Use Pharmaceutical Packaging: Trends and Opportunities

The ready to use of pharmaceutical primary packaging has emerged as a promising alternative to conventional primary packaging, adding significant value to streamline pharmaceutical fill / finish operations. These packaging components eliminate multiple steps in the overall fill finish manufacturing (mainly washing, sterilizing and preparing containers), thereby, helping improve operational efficiencies in compliance to existing