Exosome Companies: In-depth Look into Service Providers Market

Over the years, applications of exosomes in therapeutics have undergone an evolutionary change, in terms of cost of research, technology used, and duration of the study. Moreover, various exosome companies have entered into collaborations in order to advance their innovations and offer specialized research expertise, services and technologies. In order to promote the use of exosome therapy in various applications including targeted drug delivery vehicles, engineered exosomes and many more, there are a number of exosome companies that offer services related to the isolation, purification, characterization or quantification of exosomes. Presently, outsourcing of exosome related services has become a popular practice where drug developers are actively outsourcing their operations to specialized repurposed-based exosome service provider companies, which are known to have the required capabilities and expertise.

Exosome Companies – Current Market Landscape

Currently, 48 companies worldwide are actively engaged in offering services related to exosomes with enhanced efficacy. The market is characterized by a mix of well-established and small firms.

Exosomes Manufacturing - List of exosome development and service provides - Roots Analysis

Recent activity in Partnerships and collaborations between exosome companies

The growing interest in exosome manufacturing and development services market is reflected in the recent increase in partnership activity, especially between exosome companies that offer related to characterization and analytic services.

Published Scientific Literature: Indicative of the Ongoing pace of Research in Exosomes Manufacturing

Over the years, there has been a gradual increase in the number of publications related to exosomes manufacturing. Majority of the publications were focused on isolation, characterization and profiling of exosomes.

Exosomes Manufacturing - Published Scientific Literature - Roots Analysis

Broad Clinical Trial Landscape for Exosome Companies

Till date, over 180 clinical studies which primarily include completed, ongoing and planned trials evaluating various clinical research activity related to exosome therapeutics and involving nearly 2,392 patients enrolled across different centers / hospitals, have been initiated worldwide.

Exosomes Broad Clinical Trial Landscape - Roots Analysis

High Number of Patents are Suggestive of the Widespread Research amongst the Exosome Companies

The exosomes technologies have seen a significant rise in the number of patents over the past few years, with Moderna leading the way in terms of the total number of patents filed / granted.

Future Evolution of Exosomes Manufacturing and Development Services Market

With the rising demand for novel therapeutic modalities, the exosomes development and exosomes manufacturing market is anticipated to grow at an annualized rate of 16% between 2022 and 2035.

Future Evolution of Exosomes Manufacturing and development Services Market - Roots Analysis

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