Cancer Biomarkers Market: Focus on TMB, MSI / MMR and TILs Testing

Advances in biotechnology have enabled the development of several high throughput tools, which have led to the establishment of better biomarkers based on genome / exome profiles. Novel biomarkers, such as tumour mutation burden (TMB), microsatellite instability (MSI) / mismatch repair (MMR) deficiency, tumour infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) and certain others, are presently being investigated across numerous clinical studies.

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Advances in biotechnology have enabled the identification of several novel biomarkers, which are presently being used for a variety of purposes, including diagnosis, drug development, clinical research and to facilitate therapy-related decisions

Several novel biomarkers are presently under investigation for a variety of cancer indications; the initiatives of big pharmaceutical companies are indicative of the growing interest in this domain

Presently, close to 50 companies are offering a variety of analytical testing solutions for the assessment of novel biomarkers; majority of these tests are intended to facilitate important therapy-related decisions.

Multiple tests are currently available for specific diseases indications; next generation sequencing has emerged as a key driver, enabling high throughput results and faster turnaround times

Companies involved in this domain are putting in significant efforts to develop efficient tests and differentiate their offerings, from those of other stakeholders, to maintain a competitive edge

Till date, close to 200 trials, evaluating the expression of novel biomarkers have been registered across different cancer indications, phases of development and geographical locations

The growing research activity in this domain is also evident across published scientific literature; several biomarker-focused studies are evaluating different types of immunotherapies

The opportunity is likely to be driven by the applicability of these tests across multiple cancer indications; the market is anticipated to grow as more biomarker based drugs get approved in the coming decade

The projected future opportunity is expected to be distributed across different application areas, types of analytical techniques used and various global regions

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