Peptide APIs – A Deeper Look Into Contract Manufacturing Market

The recent years have portrayed the renaissance of peptide APIs, as pharma industry has once again turned its attention towards the potential of therapeutic peptides. Adoption of peptides as therapeutic agents have side-lined some of the earlier concerns associated with them, such as bioavailability, and has led to manufacturing of high-quality peptides in a larger quantity. The upscaled trend in adoption of peptide therapeutics has been due to the advancements in the drug delivery technologies. Over time, peptide manufacturing has significantly evolved and has led to innovative techniques for peptide API production.  Moreover, the peptide API market have steadily become more competitive and advanced in the last decade.

In order to combat the COVID-19 infection, drug developers are actively investigating the efficacy of the peptide drugs to serve as the potential treatment option for the novel coronavirus. It is worth highlighting that the team of chemists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are intended to design a peptide (short protein fragment) based drug candidate, which mimics the protein found on the surface of the human cells. It has been further stated that the investigational drug product will have the potential to block the coronaviruses’ ability to enter human cells, by binding to the viral protein. Such development initiatives within this domain, along with the growing clinical and preclinical pipeline of therapeutic peptides, is likely to increase the overall demand of peptide APIs, and in return offer business opportunities to the contract manufacturers.

Companies Involved in Peptide API / FDF Manufacturing

Over 50 contract manufacturers are actively involved in the production of therapeutic peptides; of which 85% claim to offer services for peptide APIs, while 46% players have the required capabilities for the manufacturing of both peptide APIs and finished dosage formulation (FDF). More than 20% of the CMOs are engaged in providing services related to analytical testing and regulatory support, while 20% provide services related to peptide modification.


Location of Peptide API Manufacturing Facilities

North America and Europe emerged as the current manufacturing hub for peptides, as 75% of the total facilities are presently located in these regions. Within North America, the US emerged as the key hub for peptide manufacturing. Whereas, within Europe, the UK (22%) and Switzerland (17%) emerged as the key peptide manufacturing hubs. Further, in Asia Pacific it was observed that most of the manufacturing facilities are located in China (63%) and India (25%)


Recent Advancements in Peptide API Manufacturing

The partnership activity in the peptide contract manufacturing market has increased at a steady pace since 2017. Majority of these deals were signed by players, such as Bachem, PolyPeptide and Dalton Pharma. Manufacturing and supply agreements emerged as the most popular type of partnership model adopted by companies engaged in this domain, representing 41% of the total number of deals. In October 2019, Pepscan doubled its capacity for production of peptides and personalized peptide medicines.

Likely Growth of the Peptide API Manufacturing Market

The peptide contract manufacturing market is anticipated to grow at an annualized rate of 11.2%, as the peptide drug developers are anticipated to continue to outsource their manufacturing services in mid to long term.

To get a detailed information on the key players, recent developments, number of clinical trials conducted, global demand and capacity and likely market evolution, visit this link.

Peptide Therapeutics: Contract API Manufacturing Market, 2020 – 2030

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