The Emergence of Encapsulated Cell Therapies and Affiliated Technologies

Extensive research on  Cell Therapies encapsulation strategies have enabled the development of a variety of technologies capable of confining therapeutic entities within biocompatible matrices / carriers. Since 2013, over 3,000 patents have been published related to the aforementioned type of therapy, indicating the rapid pace of R&D activities in this domain.

I have highlighted below some of the most interesting insights from our study. You can also access additional details Live Cell Encapsulation Market.

The enormous potential of encapsulated cell therapy manufacturing / devices in the treatment of chronic disorders has captured the interest of several stakeholders in the industry

Over the years, more than 3,000 patents have been granted / filed related to cell encapsulation technologies, demonstrating the heightened pace of research in this domain

Over 50% of the patents for cell encapsulation were filed / granted in US only reflecting the rising interest of players.

Presently, over 45 encapsulated cell therapies and encapsulation technologies are being evaluated across different phases of development by stakeholders across the world

Over 30 encapsulated cell therapies are currently in clinical and preclinical stage that are focused on various therapeutic area including cancers, metabolic disorders and neurological disorders.

Ongoing therapy development programs are evaluating different types of cells, encapsulated in a wide range of biocompatible materials, aiming to offer viable and effective treatment options for various diseases

In fact, majority of the product candidates are being developed for the treatment of metabolic disorders, primarily diabetes; big pharma are driving a significant proportion of research and development activity

Foreseeing a lucrative future, several private and public investors have made capital investments worth approximately USD 1 billion, across over 100 funding instances, since 2013

Various stakeholders are actively investing in encapsulated cell therapies. Close to 40% of the funding were raised  in seeding funding and 30% in other equity funding round.

An evaluation of more than 300+ stakeholders engaged in cell therapies domain reveals the presence of several likely strategic partners spread across different geographical regions

The short term opportunity in this market is likely to be driven by licensing activity and will depend on the untapped potential of novel cell encapsulation technologies in different application areas

As multiple mid-late stage encapsulated cell therapies get commercialized in near future across different regions, the long term opportunity is likely to be distributed across diverse indications and encapsulation materials

The encapsulated cell therapies market is fragmented across various segments including encapsulation material, indication and geographical region.

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