Antibody Humanization and Affinity Maturation: Current Market Landscape and Opportunity Areas

Certain steps of antibody drug discovery require advanced expertise, and companies offering these specialized services have attracted significant attention of drug / therapy developers. Two such specific services are to reduce antibody immunogenicity (humanization) and enhance its affinity (affinity maturation). The ‘Antibody Humanization and Affinity Maturation: Services and Platforms, 2017-2030’ report provides a comprehensive view on the current landscape and the future outlook of this market. Some of the most interesting insights from our study are presented below.

A Healthy Mix of Services / Platform Providers …

Close to 60 companies currently offer services / platforms for antibody humanization and / or affinity maturation.

… Offering Deep Expertise in Antibody Discovery

These companies are rapidly evolving to offer complete antibody discovery and optimization services to antibody drug developers

Majority of Humanization and Affinity Maturation Providers offers services including humanization and affinity maturation.

Multiple Business Models, Catering to Variety of Client Needs

The increasing geographical reach, combined with flexible deal structures and business models, has attracted significant business

Currently, over 50% of the Humanization and Affinity Service / Platform  providers are based in US and are majorly using fee-for-service business model

Innovative Approaches Gradually Unfolding

To remain competitive in this domain, the companies have adopted novel methods / techniques catering to the evolving demands of the drug developers

As per Roots Analysis, around 35% of the method adopted for humanization are CDR grafting. Additionally, Around 35% of the method adopted for affinity maturation include targeted mutagenesis

Benchmark Analysis Offers Credible Insights

Benchmark analysis, comparing key parameters, highlights that many companies in North America (Peer Group III) provide both the services

Currently, majority of players offering services for humanization and affinity maturation are based in North America

Steady Growth Expected in the Long-term …

Driven by the need for safer antibody therapeutics and the rising demand for contract services, the market is likely to witness continuous growth in the coming decade.

… Driven by Developments in Emerging Markets

Majority of the market share is distributed between North America and EU; China and some other emerging markets are likely to grow at a faster rate

By 2030 the demand for humanization and affinity maturation is likely to increase in rest of the world

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