Cell Line Development: A Gold Mine for Service Providers

Owing to their use in the manufacturing of biologics and biosimilars, and various application areas, such as drug screening, gene functional studies, cell-based assay development, diagnostics and tissue engineering, there is growing demand for different types of cell lines. The Cell Line Development Services Market, 2017 – 2027 report provides an extensive study of the rapidly growing market of cell lines. Mentioned below are a few key takeaways from the report.

US and EU: The Key Service Hubs

Approximately 80% of the players are located in North America and the EU; within Asia Pacific, China and India have emerged as popular hubs.

Fragmented, But Well-Distributed, Market  Landscape

Both well-established and mid-sized players, and start-ups, are actively involved in the development and production of cell lines.

Multiple Cell Line Procurement Sources for a Range of Applications

High-yielding cell lines can be derived from multiple sources and, given the evolution of the biopharmaceutical market, are being used for several purposes

As per Roots Analysis, Over 60% of the service providers sources cell lines from Mammalian cell line and are majorly used in research and development

Service Providers Aiming for Expansion …

Companies are rapidly expanding their service offerings and technology platforms in order to maintain a competitive edge in the market

Currently, over 60% of the service providers utilizes recombinants cell lines

… Are Gradually Widening Services Portfolio

In fact, several players already provide affiliated services, such as cell line characterization and cell banking, as integral parts of their respective services portfolios

Majority of cell line development service providers are based in North America followed by Europe

A Steadily Growing Billion Dollar Market

Driven by the robust and promising pipeline of biotherapeutics, the cell line development services market is anticipated to witness steady growth in the coming decade.

Emerging Novel and Innovative Technologies

The heightened competition and growing demand for cell lines has resulted in the emergence of several novel and innovative technologies, lowering of manufacturing costs and production timelines. Examples of some companies that have developed proprietary technologies for production of cell lines include (in alphabetical order) Abzena (Composite CHO™ technology), ACROBiosystems (HEKMax® Stable Cell Line Technology), BioFactura (StableFast™ Biomanufacturing Platform), Batavia Biosciences (STEP® technology), Celltheon (SMART™ expression platform), Celonic (CHOvolution™ / SEFEX platform), Cevec Pharmaceuticals (CAP®GO platform) and Selexis (SUREtechnology Platform™)

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