Cell Therapy and The Rise of Novel Technologies

Roots Analysis has actively tracked the developments in the field of cell therapy and gene therapies. The team has focused on identifying the key challenges that are hampering the growth of these revolutionary therapies. To identify the challenges, the team has interviewed several stakeholders involved in cell therapy development and manufacturing. In addition, a recent article, published by the company, highlighted a summary of the key challenges in the cell therapy manufacturing companies.

CEOs highlight the key issues and high manufacturing cost challenges associated with cell and gene therapies
Key Challenges in Viral Vector Manufacturing Market

While the viral vectors have remained a popular choice across companies, the rising manufacturing-related challenges have forced the companies to look beyond the traditional viral vectors.

Recently, Avectas and CCRM signed collaboration to develop a non-viral cell engineering platform, which addresses an urgent need for an efficient, non-viral cell engineering solution. Also, the platform demonstrated excellent engineering efficiencies for the delivery of these payloads to T cells and NK cells.

What other activities are happening in the cell therapy space?

Cell therapy manufacturing and technology space has attracted interest from several players in recent months. With more than 600 candidates in development, this domain has witnessed significant interest from various stakeholders. In fact, earlier last month, Catelent announced the acquisition of MaSTherCell Global, technology-focused cell and gene therapy contract development and manufacturing organization. Following its last year’s acquisition of Paragon Bioservices (a leading viral vector developer), Catalent’s acquisition extended the company’s leadership in this already crowded space.

Is there a prominent shift towards non-viral vectors?

A number of players in the biopharmaceutical industry have already begun using some of the novel vector types. In fact, Roots Analysis has already identified a number of players involved in the novel vectors space.

Sample list of industry players moving towards non-viral vectors.
Non-Viral Vectors

To get detailed insights about the cell therapy manufacturing market, you can also download the SAMPLE REPORT by Roots Analysis.

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